How to Keep Your Home Organized

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This is a great time of year the heat is starting to come in while the cold is on its way out. We all know what that means spring cleaning. During spring cleaning the house and garage can become pretty hectic and very messy. It is important that while you clean out your old or broken things to keep that house somewhat clean and organized. Not only is your house cleaner if you organize but you will feel much better. I know for me if my house is messy I just does not make me feel good. Here I will provide so good tips and habits you should start doing to keep your house more organized.

1. Start every day off the same and make your bed. You have no idea what this will do to you. Not only is your room that much more organized but it does something to you physiologically. You generally have a better day if you start the day with a made bed.
2. Do you ever have those days where the laundry does not stop. You can resolve this and make sure you even out your laundry. Do not get so piled up and do it all in one day. Space it out and do only one or two loads a day.
3. When you clean do not expect it to be 100% clean. If it looks and feels clean be okay with that. Be okay with “it’s clean enough”.
4. You also do not have to organize and clean alone. Get your whole family involved. The more the merrier right? If you have multiple people keeping the house organized it will get done faster and will stay cleaner longer.
5. Do simple things like spend 15 minutes every night picking up. You could also make a habit of never leaving a room empty handed. If you leave a room just pick one thing up and put it where it goes.

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