Babyproofing your house

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Trying to keep your curious baby safe can be challenging. There are so many hazards in a house. From sharp corners to the stovetop. Baby Proofing may take some planning and time but in the long run it will be worth it. Here are a few tips to help you babyproof your house and keep your kids safe.

Be organized
Before doing any actual baby proofing make a list of things that are your top priority. This could include but is not limited to: the stove top, electrical outlets, sharp objects, appliances, etc. Being organized can save time and help you babyproof every inch of your home. Makes things less stressful for you and safer for your family. Look in your Storage in San Mateo for any items that you have used in the past.

Find products to help
Some hazards can be hard to babyproof on your own, luckily there are products that can help. To prevent babies from getting into things they should not there are outlet covers, stove guards, and door knob covers. These devices are a great investment, they are cheap and serve their purpose. There are many household items that can also be helpful. if there are sharp corners you need covered packing cellophane can be used to fashion a cover.

Create a safe play zone
Unfortunately you can not leave babies and young toddlers to roam your house. Young kids need constant supervision. That also means you can not be doing other things. While it is not safe to leave a young child completely unsupervised there are ways to keep them safe and contained. There are a few different ways to do this, it all depends on your kids age. For babies that are barely crawling a collapsible playpen should give them just enough room to move around. Older babies and toddlers can be contained using baby gates. These gates are just high enough to not allow a child to escape.

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