Pulling your above ground pool out of storage

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Having an above ground pool is a great way to enjoy the summer and stay cool without having to pay for an expensive ground pool. You can also avoid the crowds at public pools. When not using your above ground pool a great place to keep it is a Storage in San Mateo storage unit. Then once the weather has warmed up enough you can get it back out and reset it up. 


Before going to reset your pool up you should check a few things. Ground can shift and become uneven throughout the year. Survey the spot where you wish to place your pool this year. If this surface is uneven it can cause your pool to experience some strain on one side which can lead to damage and even your pool completely breaking. If there is a spot that is uneven you may need to find a different spot of your yard to place your pool, or find a way to make it even again. Also placing a tarp or other material under your pool can help prevent your pool from getting a hole in the bottom. If your pool is going on grass remove any weeds or other growth that has cropped up since you placed your pool in storage. These can potentially poke holes and damage your pool. 


Resetting up your pool correctly can save you time later on as you may have to fix any mistakes. You can enjoy your pool for the whole summer long, with summer pool parties and late night swims. Having your own pool opens up so many opportunities for you to have an amazing summer. There are so many memories you can make with your family and friends. We hope you have a great summer, and do not forget you can store anything you need in one of our storage units.


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